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586-709-3811 Is a Scammer/Fraudster as reported by Candee on Sat Oct 22, 2016

This is your last offer to reduce your credit card rate Press 9 which says to give them your credit card no No name and from a cell phone in warren mi

516-610-3968 Is a Scammer/Fraudster as reported by Jamie Lynk on Sat Oct 22, 2016

some firm that said I have a case for the mesh claim that has been going around I haven t heard from these people in months now they are trying to contact me I have no clue what s going on but would Love to know if this is real or just a scam

814-414-3052 Is a Scammer/Fraudster as reported by Patrick catenacci on Sat Oct 22, 2016

She friend requested me on Facebook and asked me to send her 250 cash

623-444-8791 Is a Fax as reported by Korina on Fri Oct 21, 2016

Keeps calling our home Has called our home 10 times within the hour When you answer it sounds like a fax machine When you call the number you get a busy signal

307-481-7402 Is a Telemarketer as reported by Don on Thu Oct 20, 2016

Suspect telemarketer Called and when I answered they immediately hung up

412-999-3845 Is a Scammer/Fraudster as reported by McGrew on Thu Oct 20, 2016

Calls form this number a little over a month now 2 4 times a day They never left a message my daughter swiped on answer when my phone rang as she ran the phone to me Started off as a prerecorded message about important information about my credit card hard for me to have a problem seeing I don t have any blah blah at the end of it it said to hit 9 to talk to customer service rep to correct the issues with my credit card so I did sounded like a Korean woman answered started to say take me off your call list before I finished she hung up

616-824-8225 Is a Unknown as reported by JJ on Thu Oct 20, 2016

Total Time Waster Do Not See for a Massage He wasted my time today Total Asshole

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